Modern Golf Thoughts Book and E-book

Learn the Flawless Golf Swing, the Flawless Putting Stroke, the Flawless Short Game, and the Flawless Mental Game.

MGT Book


It's all about the fundamentals--to develop your game. You'll improve immediately by using Swing Keys to implement timeless golfing fundamentals. Over 400 Swing Keys will focus your concentration on the fundamentals. MGT E-book

Learn all the fundamentals mistakes that are costing you strokes. Correct all your swing and putting problems. Add distance, accuracy, and consistency to your game today. This E-book and book is "a must" for anyone committed to having a great golf game and "enjoying the walk" of a round of golf.

Modern Golf Thoughts is a golf clinic in your living room. Swing Keys remind you of golf's timeless fundamentals, so you'll play great golf right away. It is through consistent practice of timeless fundamentals that steady improvement results.

Golf Sage LogoMark Luthy is the Golf Sage. I have read most of the books written by famous golfers, studied their golf swings, putting methods, strategies, and mental approaches to the game. I have played golf since age 10 and share the course record of 64, 7 under par at Donovan G.C. in Peoria, Illinois.

I originally wrote Modern Golf Thoughts to help me remember and implement the fundamentals of golf during practice and play. I summarized these critical fundamentals in short phrases called Swing Keys, which I keep in mind during practice and playing rounds. Concentrating on these positive instructions will consistently trigger good shots and precise putts.

  1. Improve by swinging smarter, not harder.
  2. Fix your swing and putting problems.
  3. Generate power and distance while achieving accuracy and consistency.
  4. Learn to instantly eliminate troubling timing issues.
  5. Discover how to get up-and-down many more times each round.
  6. Feel like you're going to hit every shot straight and you're going to make every put you face.
  7. Enjoy the prestige of achieving a great golf game and the freedom of playing golf without worry.

I teach golf in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact me at to schedule a lesson the next time your travels bring you to the sunny Las Vegas valley. Please see the Golf Sage Lessons page for detailed lessons information.


These Swing Keys produce phenomenal results on a consistent basis. Make every facet of your golf game better than it's ever been.

Enjoy the prestige of playing a great game of golf. Play the greatest game without worry--knowing that you'll hit the ball consistently straight and feeling like you'll make every putt you face.

MGT Book

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