Turn Your Back Toward the Target on the Backswing

Golf Sage - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

During the second half of the backswing, turn your back toward the target.  This ensures you will make a big shoulder turn  and hit the ball as far as possible.
As you turn your back toward the target, your shoulders and arms rotate horizontally around your stable lower body base, not rise up toward the sky on too upright a backswing plane.  Keep your right elbow tucked in against your right side throughout the backswing to ensure your shoulders and arms turn horizontally, not vertically.
Make a complete backswing to achieve a big shoulder turn.  When you have reached the top of the backswing, your torso feels tightly coiled and your back muscles are fully stretched.  At the top of the backswing, your chin digs into the top of your left shoulder, your stomach feels stretched, and your hands feel extended far away from your head.
Combine your big shoulder turn with a restricted hip turn.  This maximizes the amount of coil in your torso, which produces longer shots.  The larger the difference between the amount your hips turn and the amount your shoulders turn, the greater leverage your swing has, and the farther you hit the ball.
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