Putting Drill #1

Golf Sage - Sunday, March 31, 2013

Practice putt until you make 10  2-foot putts, 10  6-foot putts, 10  12-foot putts, and 2 long lag putts [25-feet and longer].
This putting practice drill teaches you to concentrate on the 2-foot putts, so you never miss one.  Learn how to make 6-foot putts, so you usually make them.  Focus on your 12-foot putts, so you make many of your birdie chances during the round.  It is important to make two long lag putts during practice so you can make two during the round, perhaps for eagle on a par-5 or birdie on a difficult par-4.
It is critical to practice your 4-foot putts.  These putts decide many matches, as players are often evenly matched from tee-to-green over 18 holes of golf.
Believe you are a great putter.  Confidence is an important ingredient of great results on the greens.
Spend about 2/3 of your putting practice time on putts 12-feet and closer.
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