Pre-Round Hole Analysis

Golf Sage - Sunday, December 25, 2011

On your home course or a course you will play in an up-coming tournament, schedule the opportunity to walk the course hole-by-hole and takes notes.  This is best done early in the morning, when you can get on the course ahead of the day’s players.  Take notes in these categories to give you a detailed preview of each hole you will face during a round of play:
Hole #     Par     Distance
Birdie Hole, Defensive Hole, Regular Hole
Dogleg L, Dogleg R, Straight Hole
Distance to 150-Yard Marker
Don’t Miss Fairway – L, R
Miss Fairway – L, R
Tee Shot – Level, Uphill, Downhill
Green Slant – Draw an arrow in the general direction water drains off the green
Don’t Miss Green – Short, Short L, L, Long L, Long, Long R, R, Short R
Miss Green – Short, Short L, L, Long L, Long, Long R, R, Short R
Approach Shot – Level, Uphill, Downhill
Facts to Note if the hole presents these challenges:
  1. What distance to hit the ball to carry over a waste area, ravine, water hazard, sand trap?
  2. What distance to hit the ball to lay-up short of trouble areas—waste area, ravine, water hazard, sand traps, fairway narrows?
  3. What distance to hit the ball to lay-up in ideal areas—fairway is wide, fairway is flat?
  4. What is in the L rough, R rough?
  5. Where are the hazards and trouble spots located—Out-of-Bounds, water hazard, ravine, waste area, sand traps, fairway narrows?
When you study the challenges and opportunities that each hole presents, it is easy to design a good strategy for the hole—to play aggressively to make a birdie or to play cautiously to make a par or bogey.

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