Pitching Drill Around the Green

Golf Sage - Saturday, June 16, 2012

Practice with your sand wedge and 3 golf balls.  Pitch the balls to a hole, then try to 1-putt all three shots.
Practice this drill with both your sand wedge and lob wedge, as shots on the course may require either club, depending on how high you must loft the ball or how far you need the ball to roll after it lands on the green. 
Vary your shot positions from 5’ to 20’ from the putting surface.  Vary your shot positions until you circle the practice green. 
Practice from one position until you 1-putt all three balls.  A more difficult variation of this pitching drill is—pitch the balls to a hole, then try to 1-putt all three shots from the distance of the worst of the three shots.
Be sure to properly repair all your ball marks in the putting surface.
This pitching drill will dramatically improve your up-and-down percentage during rounds on the golf course.  You will have already seen and practiced every distance, every terrain change, and every amount of green to work with, so you will be familiar with most pitch shots you face on the golf course.
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