No Flying Right Elbow During the Backswing

Golf Sage - Saturday, March 23, 2013

Your right elbow must not fly away from your body during the backswing. When it stays close to your right side, you will stay on the correct backswing plane.  Test this by tucking a handkerchief into your right armpit and swinging so that the handkerchief does not fall out.
To keep your right elbow tucked against your right rib cage, make sure your right elbow points at the ground throughout the backswing.  This ensures your club shaft will stay on the proper backswing plane, making it easy to swing from the inside during the downswing and deliver a square clubface to the ball at impact. 
Tucking your right elbow against your body is critical because it causes your upper body to rotate around your stable lower body base during the backswing, rather than rise up toward the sky, on too upright a swing plane.  Once you are on too steep a swing plane at the top of the backswing, you tend to swing the clubhead on an outside-to-inside path back to the ball on the downswing, causing the slice which afflicts many players’ games. 
If your right elbow does fly away from your right side during the backswing, it is very difficult to consistently return it to your right side on the first half of the downswing—to return to the proper, flatter downswing plane and deliver a square clubface to the ball at impact.
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