Never Overswing at the Ball

Golf Sage - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Your timing will be upset when you try for too strong a swing at the ball.
Swing the club within your own basic rhythm so your muscles will stay loose and flexible, not become strained and full of tension.  When you try to swing the club too hard, the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and hands tense up, and you hit the ball a shorter distance than normal. Your upper body cannot unwind through impact freely and naturally, which produces maximum distance on your shots.
Swing the club with smoothness, rhythm, and fluidity.  Your swing should look and feel like a gently flowing mountain stream.  Swing every club in the bag with the same tempo you swing your favorite club in the bag. 
When considering club selection, never force any club beyond its comfortable range.  Pick the club to hit the shot you can make successfully 9 of 10 times.  It is better to hit a firm and comfortable 6-iron approach shot than it is to hit a hard 7-iron, which you must strike perfectly to go the right distance.  There is more margin for error with the 6-iron because you can slightly miss-hit the shot and still hit the green in regulation.
Take controlled swings.  Swing the club at 90% power to get maximum distance and accuracy on your shots.
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