Golf Sage - Sunday, February 03, 2013

                                    Powerful shots result from a strong leg drive through the ball.
There are drills and fundamentals you can execute to maximize the power your legs deliver to strike the ball at impact.
Practice your balance by swinging with your feet together.  Good balance is an important source of power in the golf swing. When you are perfectly balanced throughout the swing, your legs can smoothly and powerfully start the downswing and pull your upper body through impact.
At address, squat down with a good flex in your knees.  Keep your upper body fairly erect, not bending over too much at the waist.  This ensures that all the power from your leg muscles will be efficiently used throughout the downswing.
Throughout the backswing, keep both knees pointed in, toward each other.  This keeps you balanced during the swing.  Great balance is a major source of power in the martial arts and for the golf swing.
During the backswing, restrict your hip turn and make a big shoulder turn.  This maximizes the amount of coil between the hips and shoulders.  You will generate more powerful shots because the hips and legs will pull a more tightly-coiled upper body through impact.
Lead with your legs.  Always start the downswing with a smooth, fast, powerful leg drive toward the target line.  This will pull and whip your upper body, shoulders, arms, and hands through impact naturally and effortlessly—producing straight, high, powerful shots.  Never start the downswing with your shoulders, arms, or hands in an effort to steer the ball at the target or generate more power—this will not produce more accuracy or power.
Swing at 90% power for maximum distance on your shots.  Your leg muscles will be more relaxed and flexible, so they will drive very powerfully during the downswing and through impact.
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