Keep Your Composure Throughout the Round

Golf Sage - Monday, April 22, 2013

Always keep your composure no matter what happens on the course. Control your emotions at all times whether great or disastrous things happen during the round.  You will stay more relaxed and play better golf.
Whether something great or terrible happens during the round, it is history after it occurs.  You cannot change the past, so accept what happened, remember the lesson learned, then never repeat past mistakes. 
Keep your poise—always stay relaxed and confident.  Keep your emotions on an even-keel.  Never get too up or down about what happens during the round.  Always control your emotions on the course.  Never let your anger show, as this gives your opponents a psychological advantage.  Transcend the emotions created by very good or very bad golf shots. 
Keep your mind carefree.  Maintain the calm and relaxed attitude you have on the first tee, when you are at even par.  Develop a sense of humor about your golf game; you will stay more relaxed when things go very badly or very well.  Laugh at your bad shots—you will physically and mentally relax. 
Never let the mistakes you make during the round upset you or distract you from making your best effort on each individual shot.  Keep a calm, clear, and quiet mind throughout the round; you will make better decisions about club selections and the types of shots to play.
Show extreme patience on the course, no matter how terrible the things that happen.  The bad and good breaks even out over 18 holes.  Keep a positive attitude at all times during the round.  Always fill your mind with only positive thoughts.
Throughout the round, breathe deeply and regularly to relax.
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