Keep the Putterhead Low to the Ground

Golf Sage - Sunday, May 12, 2013

To make a high percentage of your putts, you must execute several precise movements simultaneously.  When you keep your putterhead low to the ground throughout your putting stroke, it is much easier to consistently achieve these dynamic movements:
1.      Your putterhead path must be straight down the target line at the exact moment of impact.  
2.      Your putterhead must be moving parallel to the ground at the exact moment of impact.
3.      You must hit the ball on the “sweet spot” of your putterface.
4.      The vertical mid-point of your putterface must hit the ball’s horizontal equator.
When you keep your putterhead low to the ground throughout your putting stroke, the ball will roll smoothly down the target line, not skid or bounce coming off the putterface.  It is impossible to consistently make putts when you lift the putterhead too far up on the backstroke or follow-through.
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