Change the Momentum When It Goes Against You

Golf Sage - Thursday, May 23, 2013

When something goes against you during a round of golf, it is critical to change the momentum back in your favor immediately.  The event could be a good putt that lips out, an approach shot hit onto the green that rolls over the back edge, or a solidly-struck drive that lands in the fairway, but takes a hard bounce left into a bunker.
To change the momentum back in your favor, keep your positive attitude.  Fill your mind with only positive thoughts, so there is no room left for any negative thoughts.  Visualize putts going into the hole dead-center, approach shots coming to rest in the middle of the green, and drives coming to rest in the center of the fairway.
Breathe deeply and regularly to relax.  Control your emotions, stay poised and patient, and keep your composure. 
Develop unshakable confidence in your ability to play your best golf.  Remember your best rounds of golf, your best shots ever, and your best putts made under pressure.  Try to play golf at the peak of your abilities.  Feel like you are going to hit every shot straight and make every putt.
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