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Mark Wilson Tells You How To Practice Like A Pro

  1. Arrive at the course 1 1/2 hours early if you are playing a round of golf.
  2. Focus on the quality of your practice shots, not on the number of balls hit.
  3. Go through your pre-shot routine before each practice shot hit.
  4. Vary your targets on the range, visualizing the landing areas as parts of the golf course.
  5. Lay two clubs on the ground pointing down the target line. Place one 3" from the toes of your shoes to help you align your feet, hips, and shoulders and one 3" closer to you than the ball to help you swing the clubface through the hitting zone perpendicular to the target line.
  6. Do everything you can with your body moves to get the ball to fly straight to the target flag.

Golf practice lays the foundation for the great rounds you want to play out on the courses. Practice in the most efficient ways to make the best use of your practice time. Following these fundamentals of golf practice should help you achieve your maximum potential as a player on the golf course.

  1. Quality of application of your golf knowledge is essential. Memorize the fundamentals of mechanics, feel, visualization, and psychology, then apply them on every shot.
  2. Practice the 3 weakest areas of your golf game.
  3. Practice the short game 2/3 of your practice time. The ability to put the ball into the hole in 1 or 2 shots from 0 to 100 yards will dramatically lower
    your scores. Practice your 12' and closer putts 2/3 of your practice putting time. These are the putts that lower your scores and separate you from the competition.
  4. Set accuracy percentage goals to achieve with each club you practice. For example, hit 80% of your full 7-iron shots to within 20' of the target before practicing with another club. Practice your 4' putts until you make 10 in a row.
  5. Practice with various swing tempos. Rate the speed of your backswing and downswing on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the quickest. Find out if your shots are most accurate with a 2-4, 3-4, 3-5, or 4-5 backswing-downswing tempo.
  6. Practice your balance by swinging with your feet together. This will increase your sense of balance. You will hit the ball farther because good balance is an important source of power in the golf swing.
  7. Stare at one thing as long as possible. This concentration exercise disciplines you to focus on only one thing at a time.

Here is an example swing key from the Practice chapter of Modern Golf Thoughts:


Concentrate on one swing key from the book for 10 practice shots, then progress to the next swing key. Eventually, you will discover the swing keys that work best for you.

Use your practice sessions to experiment with a variety of swing keys. Discover the ones which best trigger your golf swing to consistently strike the ball. Your goal is to have the one best swing key in your mind per shot—the one that will trigger your best swing the highest percentage of the time.

Remain flexible in your selection of swing keys, as different ones may work better today than ones used in previous rounds. Be ready to make adjustments during the round when things do not go according to plan. When your top key is not producing results, know you can go to your next best swing key to instantly get your game back on track.

By concentrating on your most effective swing keys during practice or playing rounds, you can trigger your swing or putting stroke with complete confidence and achieve great results. Remember, concentrate on only one swing key per shot.

The Practice chapter of Modern Golf Thoughts has 21 swing keys in these sections--Attitude / Strategy / Putting / Full Shots / Exercises.

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