Ben Hogan's Classic Golf Swing

A fundamentally perfect follow-through ensures producing straight, high, powerful shots.

  1. On the follow-through, Ben keeps his head down until well after impact. This means his head remained still during impact, ensuring the downswing stayed on the proper plane and the clubhead stayed square at the moment of impact. Keeping his head down until well after impact also allows Ben to extend his swing down the target line, ensuring a square clubface at impact and producing very accurate shots.
  2. Ben completes the swing with a full, high hands finish. His weight has fully shifted to the left leg, and he stands in perfect balance. This indicates he efficiently delivered all of his power to striking the ball. Keeping your balance throughout the golf swing allows you to deliver your maximum power at impact.

Here is an example swing key from the Follow-Through chapter of Modern Golf Thoughts:


Count "one one-thousand" slowly to yourself after impact before looking up to watch the shot.

This simple drill ensures that your head remains still at the moment of impact and throughout the follow-through. When your head remains stationary throughout the swing, you strike the ball square and solid, not with a glancing blow, and the ball flies long and straight. This one second difference after impact before you look up to watch the shot fly makes the difference between a great and a good golfer. It is truly amazing how much farther and straighter the ball flies when you deliver a square clubface to the ball at impact.

Your chin should dig into your right shoulder before you look up to see the shot. It is important that you follow this principle 100% of the time, so that your golf game achieves a consistency of excellence. Then your opponents will start to believe that your golf game is superior. This advantage can be the critical edge you need to defeat all your opponents.

The Follow-Through chapter of Modern Golf Thoughts has 6 swing keys, which are all critical to producing great golf shots.

Some of the key fundamentals of the follow-through include--keeping your head down for a full second after impact, achieved by counting "one one-thousand" after impact before looking up to watch your shot fly. Also, feel your chin dig into your right shoulder and "see the divot"--the turf ripped by the clubhead pinching the ball down against the ground before you look up to watch your shot fly to the target.

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