Phil Mickelson Plays Backwards Wedge Shot

Phil Mickelson has one of the best short games in the world of golf because he is able to visualize possible shots that other players do not even imagine. He visualizes how to use the slope of the hill, the loft of the sand wedge, and the quick flip of his wrists through impact to produce the ball's flight, which flies high into the air and curves backwards toward the hole. Phil deeply concentrates on the elements of this golf shot which produce the result he wants. He pays close attention to the details of physics which will make this amazing shot a reality.

Here is an example swing key from the Basic Principles chapter of Modern Golf Thoughts:


Become totally absorbed with every detail of your round.

Concentration means focusing your awareness on one thing. Direct all the forces of your mind to one thought. Then concentrate so vigorously and exclusively on this thought that everything else vanishes, and this thought fills reality.

You must concentrate at all times during a round of golf. Set a psychological goal—no lapses in concentration.

Concentrate on only one swing thought per shot. When you are concentrating well, you can focus on only one thing at a time. Each round, identify the swing keys that best trigger your swing and putting stroke. Then concentrate on one key exclusively throughout each swing or putting stroke.

During a round of golf, practice individual shot consciousness. Always concentrate only on your present shot, blocking thoughts of all past and future shots from your mind.

When planning each individual shot, become totally aware of every element you face to execute the shot perfectly. For example, is the shot uphill, downhill or level? Is the lie uphill, downhill, or sidehill? Is the wind with you, against you, or not blowing? If I miss the target, is it best to miss left, right, short, or long? What distance do I hit the ball to carry over a trouble area, lay-up short of a trouble area, or lay-up in an ideal spot—where the fairway is level or wider?

This concentration exercise disciplines you to focus on only one thing at a time: STARE AT ONE THING FOR ONE MINUTE.

Some of the Basic Principles of good golf include--concentrating well on the fundamental details of the swing and putting stroke, realizing that good putting is the critical aspect of low scoring, especially making 4 foot putts, and that accurate and powerful ball-striking results from a strong leg drive through the ball.

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