Mechanics, Feel, Visualization & Psychology

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Modern Golf Thoughts presents Swing Keys, simple fundamentals to consistently trigger your swing.  Keep these Swing Keys in mind to sustain good play on the course.

Experiment with many Swing Keys during practice.  Identify the ones, which trigger your swing best, then focus on these Swing Keys during your rounds. Note which Swing Keys work best during practice, why they are effective, and what your swing feels like during good shots.

Modern Golf Thoughts groups the fundamentals of mechanics, feel, visualization, and psychology according to separate parts of the golf swing.  Simply find the chapter that explains the part of your swing which needs improvement.  Individual chapters can be read in any order.

The ultimate goal of Modern Golf Thoughts is to improve your golf game.  When you understand and apply a few Swing Keys to your game, your progress will be immediate and swift.  Most golfers will be able to cut their handicaps in half within four months.

The following pages provide insights into the application of these principles by examining videos of professional golfers.

Modern Golf Thoughts provides an understanding of golf which you can use to continually develop your game. 

MGT Book

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